Mash and season with butter and salt half a dozen boiled white
potatoes, add a little grated onion and chopped parsley. Sift together
in a bowl 1 cup of flour, 1 teaspoonful baking powder and a little
salt. Add a small quantity of milk to one egg if not enough liquid to
mix into a soft dough. Roll out like pie crust, handling as little as
possible. Cut into small squares, fill with the potato mixture, turn
opposite corners over and pinch together all around li
e small,
three-cornered pies. Drop the small triangular pies into boiling,
salted water a few minutes, or until they rise to top; then skim out
and brown them in a pan containing a tablespoonful each of butter and
lard. I have known some Germans who called these "Garden Birds." Stale
bread crumbs, browned in butter, may be sprinkled over these pies when
served. Serve hot.
These are really pot pie or dumplings with potato filling. Mary's Aunt
always called these "Mouldasha." Where she obtained the name or what
its meaning is, the writer is unable to say.