Two pounds of veal, from leg, cut into small pieces for stewing; 4
good-sized onions, cut rather fine; measure about 1/2 cup of sweet
lard, place onions in pan with some of this lard and fry a light
brown. Add meat and cook meat and onions together about one-half hour,
adding lard gradually until all is used and the meat is golden brown.
Then cover with water and stew, closely covered, about two hours or
longer, until meat is ready to serve; then add more water until meat
is covered. Season with salt and paprika. Add about three
tablespoonfuls of vinegar (not too sour; cook must judge this by
tasting); then add 1/2 pint of sweet cream. Thicken gravy with flour
mixed smooth with a little water. Place on platter surrounded with
gravy. With this was always served baked or steamed sweet potatoes.