All the members of the Landis family unanimously agreed in declaring
the dish "Frau Schmidt" taught Sarah Landis to prepare from the
delicious edible Fungi, known as "Pasture" mushrooms (gathered by
Professor Schmidt from rich, wind-swept pastures early in the fall of
the year until the coming of frost) were good enough to tickle the
palate of an epicure.
Sarah Landis was very particular to use _none_ unless pronounced
_edible mushrooms_, and not poisonous toad-stools, by Professor
Schmidt, who was a recognized authority. Said the Professor, "The
edible variety may be easily recognized by one having a knowledge of
the vegetable. The cap may be readily peeled, and the flesh of the
'Pasture' mushroom, when cut or broken, changes in color to a pale
rose pink, and they possess many other distinctive features, easily
recognized, when one has made a study of them."
The following is the manner in which the mushrooms were prepared by
Fran Schmidt: