This excellent, nutritious bread, is made from the whole-ground grain.
Every part of the grain is used in the flour, when ground. To bake
this bread, sift together one quart of this "whole-ground" rye flour
and two quarts of white-bread flour. Early in the morning of the day
on which bread is to be baked, prepare a thick batter, or sponge,
consisting of one quart of potato water (or the same quantity of
luke-warm, scalded milk, or a mixture of the two); add on

tablespoonful of a mixture of lard and butter and two boiled, mashed
potatoes. Two tablespoonfuls of sugar, one-half tablespoonful of salt
and one Fleischman's compressed yeast cake, dissolved in a small
quantity of water; add about five cups of the mixed, sifted flour,
beat the batter well, and stand in a warm place, covered, from one and
a half to two hours. When well-risen and light, stir in balance of
flour gradually, until all except one cup has been added; then turn
onto a bake-board and knead well. This sponge should not be quite as
stiff as for wheat bread. Turn the dough onto a clean, well-floured
cloth in a large bowl, set to rise and bake according to directions
for baking "Hearth-baked Rye Bread" or, if preferred, form into
loaves, place in bread pans and, when light, bake.