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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Prepare the apples as in the last receipt; but instead of using a
jelly mould, put the apples into an oval cake tin about the size of a
small side dish, four or five inches high; when cold, turn it out
and cover the apple-shape with savoy cakes placed closely together
perpendicularly; all round the top of the charlotte should be covered
with whites of eggs and sugar, beaten to a stiff froth, and placed in
small balls; a salamander should be used to crisp them and to give
a slight peach-like colour; a tasteful cook will, after crisping the
first layer of these balls, add others over them to form a sort of
cone high in the centre, that will have a pretty effect if well done.
This is an easy and elegant _entremêt_, and by no means an expensive

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From MISS LIDA M. RUSSELL, of Nevada, Lady Manager.
For one pint thick cream dissolve four sheets of isinglass in four
tablespoons of hot water; whip cream until thick, sweeten and flavor;
have isinglass warm enough to pour, but not too hot; stir in very fast
and put in mould to cool.

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Apple Charlotte

One cup apple sauce, one cup sugar, one-third package gelatin, three

cups cold water, three cups boiling water, one lemon. Dissolve the

gelatin (Knox's preferred) in cold water for five minutes, add the

boiling water, sugar, lemon juice and apple, strain and set it to cool.

When it is nearly stiff, add the well-beaten whites of three eggs. Line

a mold with lady-fingers, pour in jelly and let stand until firm. It is

nice served with whipped cream or a sauce made from yolks of eggs.


One pint boiling milk, yolks of three eggs, one-fourth cup sugar. Add a

tablespoonful gelatin dissolved in a little water just before taking

from fire. A teaspoonful of vanilla.

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Apple Charlotte

Pare, core and quarter eight or nine good cooking apples, put them into

a double boiler with two tablespoonfuls of butter, half a cup of sugar,

the juice and grated rind of a lemon; cook until tender. Take a plain

mould that holds three pints, butter it well, line the bottom and sides

with very thin slices of home-made bread. Remove the crust, dip each

slice in melted butter, fit them evenly together in the mould, fill with

the apples, cover with the bread, dredge it with sugar and bake

three-quarters of an hour in a quick oven. Have a hot platter, lay it

over the top of the charlotte, turn it over, and lift off the mould.

Serve hot with or without sauce or cream.

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