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(Introductory Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Take from a fine knuckle a couple of slices, cut and trim them in
collops the size of a tea cup, flatten them and spread over each side
a forcemeat for cutlets, and fry them; potatoe or Jerusalem artichokes
cut in slices of the same size and thickness, or pieces of bread
cut with a fluted cutter, prepared as the collops and fried, must be
placed alternately in the dish with them; they may be served with a
pure simple gravy, or very hot and dry on a napkin, garnished with
fried parsley and slices of lemon.
The knuckle may be used in the following manner: put it on with
sufficient water to cover it, season it and simmer till thoroughly
done, thicken the gravy with prepared barley, and flavor it with lemon
pickle, or capers; it should be slightly colored with saffron, and
celery sauce may be served as an accompaniment, or the mutton may be
served on a fine _purée_ of turnips.

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Put a handful of dried white haricots to soak over-night and simmer them
the following day for two hours with some salt. Rub your shoulder of
mutton with a little bit of garlic before putting it in the oven to cook,
and when it is done, serve with the haricots round it, to which have been
added a pat or two of butter.
[_V. Verachtert_.]

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