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Apple Jelly No 3

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take apples, of a light green, without any spot or redness, and rather

sour; cut them in quarters, taking out the cores, and put them into a

quart of water; let them boil to a pulp, and strain it through a

hair-sieve, or jelly-bag. To a pint of liquor take a pound of

double-refined sugar; wet your sugar, and boil it to a thick syrup, with

the white and shell of an egg: then strain your syrup, and put your

liquor to it. Let it boil again, and, as it boils, put in the juice of a

lemon and the peel, pared extremely thin, and cut as fine as threads;

when it jellies, which you may know by taking up some in your spoon, put

it in moulds; when cold, turn it out into your dish; it should be so

transparent as to let you see all the flowers of your china dish through

it, and quite white.

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