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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Take one pound of butter, and warm it over the fire with a little
milk, then put it into a pan with one pound of flour, six beaten eggs,
a quarter of a pound of beaten sweet almonds, and two table-spoonsful
of yeast; make these ingredients into a light paste, and set it before
the fire to rise; then grease a deep dish, and place in a layer of
the paste, then some egg prepared as for Bola d'Amor, then slices
of citron, and a layer of egg marmalade, sprinkle each layer with
cinnamon, and fill the dish with alternate layers. A rich puff paste
should line the dish, which ought to be deep; bake in a brisk oven,
after which, sugar clarified with orange flour-water must be poured
over till the syrup has thoroughly penetrated the Bola.

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