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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Make into a stiff paste one pint of biscuit powder, a little brown
sugar, grated lemon peel, six eggs, and three-quarters of a pound
of warmed fresh butter; then prepare four apples chopped finely, a
quarter of a pound of sweet almonds blanched and chopped, half a pound
of stoned raisins, a little nutmeg grated, half a pound of coarse
brown sugar, and a glass of white wine, or a little brandy; mix the
above ingredients together, and put them on a slow fire to simmer for
half an hour, and place in a dish to cool; make the paste into the
form of small dumplings, fill them with the fruit, and bake them; when
put in the oven, pour over a syrup of brown sugar and water, flavored
with lemon juice.

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