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Orange Marmalade No 3

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a dozen of Seville oranges and their weight in sugar finely

powdered. Pare the oranges as thin as possible; the first peel is not

used in marmalade; it is better to grate off the outer peel and put them

in water. Let them lie two or three days, changing the water every day;

then cut the oranges in quarters, and take out all the pulp; boil the

peels in several waters, till they are quite tender and not bitter. Then

put to the sugar half a pint of water, and boil it to a syrup, till it

draws as fine as a hair; put in the peels sliced very thin, and boil

them gently about a quarter of an hour. While the peels are boiling,

pick out all the seeds and skins from the pulp; then put the pulp to the

orange-peel; let it boil till it is clear; put a little in a saucer, and

when it jellies it is done enough.

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