Boiled Celery Root Salad Recipe

History of Boiled Celery Root Salad:

Boiled Celery Root Salad is a classic dish that originated in Europe. Celery root, also known as celeriac, is a type of celery that is grown for its swollen, knobby root rather than its stalks and leaves. It has a mild, nutty flavor with hints of celery and parsley, making it a versatile ingredient in various culinary creations.

Fun Facts:

1. Celery root has been cultivated since ancient times, and it was a popular ingredient in Roman and Greek cuisines.
2. The first recorded use of celery root in salads can be traced back to the 18th century in France.
3. In traditional European cuisine, boiled celery root salad is often prepared during the colder months, as it complements hearty winter dishes.

Boiled Celery Root Salad Recipe:

- 2 large celery roots
- Salt
- Sugar
- White pepper
- White wine vinegar
- Fresh lettuce leaves
- Optional: large raisins

1. Pare and wash the celery roots, ensuring they are clean and free of any dirt or blemishes. Trim off the ends and peel the outer layer using a sharp vegetable peeler. The celery roots should be about the size of large potatoes.
2. Fill a large pot with water and add a pinch of salt. Place the celery roots in the pot and bring the water to a boil. Boil the celery roots until they are tender when pierced with a fork, usually around 25-30 minutes.
3. Once cooked, remove the celery roots from the water and set them aside to cool.
4. Once the celery roots have cooled, cut them into slices that are approximately an eighth of an inch thick. Arrange the slices in a single layer on a platter or cutting board.
5. Sprinkle each slice with a pinch of fine salt, sugar, and white pepper. The salt enhances the flavor, while the sugar helps balance the natural bitterness of celery root.
6. Pour enough white wine vinegar over the salad to cover the celery root slices. The vinegar adds a tangy and acidic element that complements the nutty flavor of the root.
7. For added visual appeal, you can boil a handful of large raisins until plump and then sprinkle them over the salad.
8. To serve, line a salad bowl with fresh lettuce leaves to create a bed for the celery root slices. Arrange the slices neatly on top of the lettuce.
9. Chill the salad in the refrigerator for at least an hour to allow the flavors to meld together and for the salad to become well-chilled.
10. Serve the Boiled Celery Root Salad cold as a refreshing side dish or as an accompaniment to your favorite main course.

Similar Recipe Dishes:

If you enjoy the unique flavor and texture of celery root, here are a few other recipe dishes you might be interested in trying:

1. Celery Root Remoulade:
- Grate or julienne celery root and toss it with a tangy mayonnaise-based dressing flavored with Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and fresh herbs. Serve it as a side dish or on sandwiches.

2. Creamy Celery Root Soup:
- Simmer celery root with onions, garlic, and vegetable broth until tender. Puree the mixture until smooth, then finish with a touch of cream and your choice of herbs. Enjoy this comforting soup on a chilly day.

3. Celery Root Mash:
- Peel and cube celery root, then cook it in boiling water until soft. Drain and mash the cooked celery root, adding butter, milk, and seasoning to taste. This creamy alternative to mashed potatoes pairs well with roasted meats.

By exploring these recipes and variations, you can make the most of the unique and delicious qualities of celery root in your culinary adventures. Enjoy experimenting with this versatile ingredient!



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