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(Introductory Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Are served with a fine white sauce, and are often garnished with
pieces of white cauliflower, or vegetable marrow, the chief object
is to keep them white; it is best to select white legged poultry for
boiling, as they prove whiter when dressed.

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White Sauce For Boiled Fowls

Have ready a sauce, made of one pint of veal jelly, half a quarter of a

pound of butter, two small onions, and a bunch of parsley; then put

three table-spoonfuls of flour, half a pint of boiling hot cream, the

yolks of three eggs, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and the same of salt;

boil all up together, till of a tolerable thickness; keep it hot, and

take care that it does not curdle. Make ready some slices of truffles,

about thirty-four, the size and thickness of a shilling, boil them in a

little meat jelly; strain them, and add the truffles to the sauce

previously made. When ready to serve, pour the sauce and truffles over

whatever meat they are destined for.

Other Recipes

Liver Sauce For Boiled Fowls

Boil the liver just enough to spread; add a little essence of anchovy

and grated lemon-peel, the yolk of a hard egg, and the juice of a lemon:

mix it well together, and stir it into some butter.

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