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Recipes for INTRODUCTORY REMARKS category

Introductory Remarks.
To Clarify Suet.
Alamode Beef, Or Sour Meat.
Kimmel Meat.
Beef And Beans.
Kugel And Commean.
Sauer Kraut.
Beef Collops.
To Hash Beef.
Steaks With Chesnuts.
A Simple Stewed Steak.
Brisket Stewed.
Beef Ragout.
To Salt Beef.
Spiced Beef.
Smoked Beef.
A White Fricandeau Of Veal.
A Brown Fricassee.
Calf's Head Stewed.
Calf's Feet Au Fritur.
Tendons Of Veal.
Fricandeau Of Veal.
Collared Veal.
Curried Veal.
Cutlets A La FranÇaise.
Cutlets In White Fricassee.
Cutlets In Brown Fricassee.
Blanquette Of Veal.
Minced Veal.
Miroton Of Veal.
Another Sort.
Smoked Veal.
Sweetbreads Roasted.
Sweetbreads Stewed White.
Sweetbreads Stewed Brown.
Mutton Stewed With Celery.
Maintenon Cutlets.
A Harricot.
Irish Stew.
Mutton A L'hispaniola.
Mutton Collops.
Mutton Cutlets.
Mutton Ham.
Lamb And Sprew.
Lamb And Peas.
Lamb Cutlets With Cucumbers.
Turkey Boned And Forced.
Fowls Boned And Forced.
Boiled Fowls.
Curried Chicken.
See Blankette Of Veal.
To Stew Duck With Green Peas.
To Warm Cold Poultry.
Broiled Fowl And Mushrooms.
Stewed Giblets.
Dutch Toast.
Timbale De Maccaroni.