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Candied Cherries

(Dessert Dishes.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Choose a pound of perfectly sound, ripe cherries,

(cost ten cents,) with the stalks and an occasional leaf attached, wipe

them with a clean, dry, soft cloth; dip the leaves and stems, but not

the fruit, into boiling vinegar, and set them with the cherries upward,

in a card-board perforated with holes to admit the stems, until the

vinegar dries. Meantime boil a pound of loaf sugar, (cost about fifteen

cents), with a teaspoonful of cold water, using a thick porcelain-lined

saucepan or copper sugar boiler; skim until perfectly clear, and test in

the following way: Dip the thumb and forefinger into cold water and then

quickly into the boiling sugar, withdrawing it instantly; press the

fingers together, and then draw them apart; if the sugar forms a little

thread between them it is ready to use, if it does not, boil a few

minutes longer and test again. When it is ready dip the leaves and

branches into it, and dry them in the card board frame as directed

above. Keep the sugar at the boiling point, and as soon as it forms a

clear brittle thread between the fingers, when tested as above, dip the

entire fruit into it, moving the cherries around so that the sugar

completely covers them, and dry them, placed as above in the card board

frame, in the mouth of a cool oven.

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