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Meat Patties

(Sunday Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Chop the remainder of the A la mode BEEF; make a suet

crust, (cost five cents,) as directed for SUET DUMPLINGS, roll it out

quarter of an inch thick, cut it out with a round tin cutter, lay a

tablespoonful of the mince-meat on each round, wet the edges of the

crust, and fold it over in the shape of an old-fashioned turn-over;

pinch the edges together, put the patties on a floured baking-pan, and

bake them about half an hour in a moderate oven. When you put them in

the oven, put one quart of potatoes, (cost three cents,) to boil in

boiling water and salt. When both potatoes and patties are done serve

them together; the dinner will cost about thirty cents.

Other Recipes

Minced Meat Patties

Prepare the mince according to No. 9. Make a piecrust, not too rich.

Roll out paste, cut out in circles about three inches in diameter. Put

in each of these circles a tablespoonful of the curried mince, and turn

over, pressing the edges closely together. Fry or bake.

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