This deck is a trick deck wherein the backs of the cards used have a thick, non-slick surface. The cards are placed back to back in certain pairs. There a few rules in determining these pairs: * 1) Each pair adds up to 13 (9 and 4; 6 and 7; qu... Read more of Invisible Deck at Card Trick.caInformational Site Network Informational
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(Introductory Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Remove the bones, gristle, &c., from a nice piece of veal, the breast
is the best part for the purpose; season the meat well with chopped
herbs, mace, pepper, and salt, then lay between the veal slices of
smoked tongue variegated with beetroot, chopped parsley, and hard
yolks of eggs, roll it up tightly in a cloth, simmer for some hours
till tender; when done, it should have a weight laid on it to press
out the liquor.

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