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(Introductory Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Cut them into proper shape and beat them with a roller until the fibre
of the meat is entirely broken; if this is not done, they will be
hard; they must then be covered with egg and sprinkled with flour, or
a preparation for cutlets may be spread over them, and then fry them
of a fine brown, remove the cutlets to a hot dish, and add to the fat
in which the cutlets have been fried, a spoonful of flour, a small cup
of gravy, salt, pepper, and a little lemon juice or lemon pickle.

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Lamb Cutlets Duchesse

Fry one dozen lamb chops in butter and set aside to cool. Put in a
stew pan two ounces of butter with half a can of mushrooms, one small
onion and a teaspoonful of parsley, all minced fine; salt, pepper,
cayenne and a little mace. Cook this gently for ten minutes and add a
cup of milk thickened with flour and butter, the juice of a lemon and
one teaspoonful of sugar. Cook a few minutes. Take from the fire and
add the yolks of four eggs well beaten. Cover the chops with this and
set aside to cool. Brush them with the well-beaten yolk of an egg,
sprinkle with fine bread crumbs, and fry in butter to a light brown.
Serve with green peas in the center of the dish.

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Lamb Cutlets a la Condi

Lard lamb cutlets with strips of truffle, anchovy and gherkin. Make a
dressing of bread crumbs, mushrooms, capers, chives, a little shallot
all chopped very fine, pepper, salt and butter. Put this on each side
of the cutlets and cover with crepinette. Broil or fry to a light
brown and dust over with very fine browned bread crumbs. Serve with a
browned veal gravy and sliced lemon.

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French cooks cut them thinner than the English, and trim them into
rounds of the size of a tea-cup; they must be brushed over with egg,
and sprinkled with salt, white pepper, mushroom powder, and grated
lemon peel; put them into a _sauté_ pan and fry of a very light brown;
pieces of bread, smoked meat or tongue cut of the same size as the
cutlets, and prepared in the same manner, are laid alternately in the
dish with them; they should be served without sauce and with a _purée_
of mushrooms or spinach in the centre of the dish.

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Cut them in proper shapes, put them in a veal gravy made with the
trimmings enough to cover them; season delicately, and let them simmer
till quite tender, but not long enough to lose their shape; fresh
button mushrooms and a piece of lemon peel are essential to this dish;
when the meat is done remove it, take all fat from the gravy, and
thicken it with the yolks of two beaten eggs; small balls of forcemeat
in which mushrooms must be minced should be poached in the gravy when
about to be served; the meat must be returned to the saucepan to be
made hot, and when placed in the dish, garnish with thin slices of

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They must be trimmed as above, fried slightly and stewed in beef
gravy, and seasoned according to the directions given for a brown
fricassee of veal; balls or fritters are always an improvement to the
appearance of this dish.

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This is merely broiling or frying cutlets in a greased paper, after
having spread on them a seasoning prepared as follows: make a paste
of bread crumbs, chopped parsley, nutmeg, pepper, salt, grated lemon
peel, and thyme, with a couple of beaten eggs; a piquante sauce should
be served in a tureen.

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Have a neck of mutton, cut the bones short, and remove the chine
bone completely; cut chops off so thin that every other one shall be
without bone, trim them carefully, that all the chops shall bear the
same appearance, then flatten them well; cover them with a cutlet
preparation, and fry of a delicate brown; a fine _purée_ of any
vegetable that may be approved, or any sauce that may be selected,
should be served with them; they may be arranged in various ways in
the dish, either round the dish or in a circle in the centre, so that
the small part of the cutlets shall almost meet; if the latter, the
_purée_ should garnish round them instead of being in the centre of
the dish.

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Take two fine cucumbers, peel and cut them lengthways, lay them in
vinegar for an hour, then stew them in good stock till tender, when
stir in the yolks of two or three eggs, a little flour and essence of
lemon, which must all be first mixed up together with a little of
the stock, have ready some cutlets trimmed and fried a light brown,
arrange them round the dish and pour the cucumbers in the centre.

Half boil it, score it and squeeze over lemon juice, and cover with
grated bread crumbs, egg and parsley, broil it over a clear fire
and put it to brown in a Dutch oven, or grill and serve with a sauce
seasoned with lemon pickle and chopped mint.

Take two pounds of lamb chops, or mutton may be substituted, place
them in a stewpan, cover with water or gravy, season only with pepper
and salt, when the chops are half done, carefully skim off the fat
and add two table spoonsful of cassereet, stir it in the gravy which
should not be thickened, and finish stewing gently till done enough;
rice should accompany this dish.

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Take the remains of some boiled salmon or a small can of salmon, three
tablespoons of mashed potatoes, one of bread crumbs, one of chopped
parsley, a little flour, mace, an egg, pepper and salt.
Mix the ingredients well together, bind with the egg, let stand an hour,
then form into little flat cutlets, roll in bread crumbs and fry in hot
oil, drain on paper and send to table garnished with parsley.

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Use either veal chops or veal cutlets, cut in small pieces the size of
chops; pound with a small mallet, sprinkle a little finely-minced
onion on each cutlet, dip in beaten egg and bread crumbs, well
seasoned with salt and pepper. Place a couple tablespoonfuls of a
mixture of butter and sweet drippings in a fry-pan; when hot, lay in
the breaded cutlets and fry slowly, turning frequently and watching
carefully that they do not scorch. These take a longer time to fry
than does beefsteak. When a rich brown and well cooked take up the
cutlets on a heated platter and serve, garnished with parsley.

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