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Massala Fry

(Curry.) - (The Khaki Kook Book)

This is not really a curry, but is an excellent way of preparing tough

round steak.

Mix two teaspoonfuls of curry powder into a half cup of flour, and pound

by means of a saucer into a pound of round steak. Fry the steak with a

sliced onion until quite brown. Then add a little water and simmer until

the meat is tender. The gravy should be little and rich. Do not cut the

meat. This is a fine casserole dish.

Other Recipes

Massala Fry Of Fish

Make a paste of flour and water and two teaspoons of curry powder and a

little salt. Dip the fish in this curried paste, and then dip again in

bread or cracker crumbs. Fry in the usual way. This is a delicious way

of preparing any kind of cutlets or chops. In fact, any kind of meat may

be fried in the same way.

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