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Mutton And Onions

(Cheap Fish And Meat Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Choose a shoulder of mutton weighing about three

pounds, which you can buy at six cents a pound; wipe it thoroughly with

a damp cloth, put it into a pot half full of boiling water, with a

tablespoonful of salt, and boil it gently for two hours, skimming the

pot as often as any scum rises. Half an hour before it is done slice one

quart of onions, (cost five cents,) boil them in a pint of boiling water

for about twenty minutes, add one ounce of butter, (cost two cents,)

half a pint of milk, (cost two cents,) four tablespoonfuls of flour

(cost one cent,) one teaspoonful of salt, and pepper to taste. When you

have put the onions over the fire, pare rings off a quart of potatoes,

(cost three cents,) and boil them in well salted boiling water. Have

all three dishes ready at once, and serve them together hot. Save the

broth from the mutton, and the next morning boil it up once, and serve

it for breakfast, with half a loaf of stale bread, toasted, and cut in

dice; or boil in it for twenty minutes a quarter of a pound of rice or


The dinner will cost you about thirty cents, and you have on hand the

broth for breakfast.

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