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White Broth

(Soup.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Cut two pounds of the neck of veal, (cost twelve cents,)

in cutlets, and put it in a sauce pan with two ounces of salt pork,

(cost two cents,) a level tablespoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of

pepper, one onion chopped, six whole cloves, and half a pint of water;

(the seasoning will cost about one cent;) boil these ingredients for ten

minutes, stirring often enough to prevent burning, then add two and a

half quarts of hot water, and skim the broth thoroughly as soon as it

boils up; let it simmer for half an hour, when take up the meat,

reserving it for stew, strain the broth, let it boil up again, and then

put into it a quarter of a pound of macaroni, (cost four cents,) and

boil it for half an hour longer. While it is boiling put the meat with

half a quart of peeled and quartered potatoes, (cost two cents,) a

teaspoonful of salt, and a pint of boiling water into a sauce pan and

let them cook as long as the macaroni. Serve the stew by itself, and the

broth and macaroni in a soup tureen. With bread these two dishes make a

good dinner, at a cost of about twenty-five cents. You can sometimes use

rice or dumplings instead of macaroni.

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