Apricot Marmalade Recipe

(Conserva di albicocche)

Use good and ripe apricots. It is a mistake to believe that jam or

marmalade can be obtained with any kind of fruit. Take off the stones,

put them on the fire without water and while they boil, stir with a

ladle to reduce them to pulp. When they have boiled for about half an

hour, rub them through a sieve to separate the pulp of the fruit from

the skins that are to be thrown away, then put them back on the fire

with granulated sugar in the proportion of eight tenths, that is to say

eight pounds of sugar for ten pounds of apricot pulp. Stir often with

the ladle until the mixture acquires the firmness of marmalade, which

will be known by putting from time to time a teaspoonful in a plate and

seeing that it flows slowly.

When ready, remove from the fire, let it cool, and then put in vases

well covered and with a film of paraffine or tissue paper dipped in

alcohol, so that the air may not pass in.



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