Preserve Of Quince Recipe

(Conserva di cotogne soda)

The ingredients are quinces, peeled and with the core removed, and

granulated sugar, in the proportion of eight tenths of quinces to five

tenths of sugar, or a little more than one and a half quinces for one

part of sugar.

Dissolve the sugar on the fire with half a glass of water, boil a

little, then remove from the fire and put aside.

Cut the quinces--peeled and coreless--in very thin slices and put them

on the fire with a glass of water, supposing the quantity to be about

two pounds. Keep covered, but stir once in a while with the ladle,

trying to break the slices and reduce them to a paste. When the quinces

are made tender through cooking, pour in the thick syrup of sugar

already prepared, mix and stir and let the mixture boil with the cover

removed until the preserve is ready, which will be known when it begins

to fall like shreds when taken up with the ladle.

Let it cool and put in well covered jars.



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