The recipe for this much celebrated and exquisite confection is
simpler than may be supposed from its elaborate appearance, it
requires chiefly care, precision, and attention. Clarify two pounds of
white sugar; to ascertain when it is of a proper consistency, drop a
spoonful in cold water, form it into a ball, and try if it sounds
when struck against a glass; when it is thus tested, take the yolks
of twenty eggs, mix them up gently and pass them through a siev
then have ready a funnel, the hole of which must be about the size of
vermicelli; hold the funnel over the sugar, while it is boiling over a
charcoal fire; pour the eggs through, stirring the sugar all the time,
and taking care to hold the funnel at such a distance from the sugar,
as to admit of the egg dropping into it. When the egg has been a few
minutes in the sugar, it will be hard enough to take out with a silver
fork, and must then be placed on a drainer; continue adding egg to
the boiling sugar till enough is obtained; there should be previously
prepared one pound of sweet almonds, finely pounded and boiled in
sugar, clarified with orange flower-water only; place in a dish a
layer of this paste, over which spread a layer of citron cut in thin
slices, and then a thick layer of the egg prepared as above; continue
working thus in alternate layers till high enough to look handsome.
It should be piled in the form of a cone, and the egg should form the
last layer. It must then be placed in a gentle oven till it becomes
a little set, and the last layer slightly crisp; a few minutes will
effect this. It must be served in the dish in which it is baked, and
is generally ornamented with myrtle and gold and silver leaf.