Brown Flour Soup, No. 2 Recipe

Brown Flour Soup, No. 2

Brown Flour Soup is a classic dish that has been enjoyed for centuries. Originating in Europe, this soup was often prepared as a simple and economical way to use basic ingredients. Over time, variations of the recipe have emerged, each with its own unique twist. Brown Flour Soup, No. 2 is a delightful rendition that combines the rich flavors of butter, flour, and milk with a hint of nutmeg. This recipe is both comforting and delicious, making it a perfect choice for a cozy meal.

Fun Fact:
In traditional European households, Brown Flour Soup was often prepared during cold winter months. It was believed to provide warmth and nourishment to the body, making it an ideal choice for battling the winter chill. This hearty soup has also been a popular choice among children and adults alike because of its creamy texture and comforting taste.


- 2 tablespoons fresh butter
- 4 tablespoons flour
- 1 quart water
- Salt and pepper to taste
- A pinch of nutmeg
- 1 pint milk

1. Heat two tablespoons of fresh butter in a large pot or spider over medium heat.
2. Add four tablespoons of flour to the butter, stirring continuously until it turns a light golden brown. This process is crucial in achieving the desired flavor and texture of the soup.
3. Gradually pour in one quart of water while constantly stirring to avoid clumps.
4. Season the mixture with salt, pepper, and a pinch of nutmeg to taste. The nutmeg adds a unique warmth to the soup, enhancing its overall flavor profile.
5. Let the soup simmer for about 15-20 minutes, allowing the flavors to meld together and thicken slightly.
6. Slowly pour in one pint of milk, stirring continuously to incorporate it into the soup. This step adds a creamy and velvety texture to the dish.
7. Allow the soup to boil up once or twice, ensuring it is thoroughly heated.
8. Serve the Brown Flour Soup immediately while still hot to retain its warmth and delightful flavors.

1. Vegetable Variation: To add more nutritional value and depth to the soup, consider incorporating diced vegetables such as carrots, celery, or onions. Sauté them with the butter before adding the flour.
2. Chicken or Beef Variation: For a heartier version, you can add cooked chicken or beef to the soup. Shred or chop the meat before adding it towards the end of the cooking process.
3. Herb Infusion Variation: To enhance the flavor profile, experiment with adding dried herbs such as thyme, rosemary, or parsley. Infuse these herbs by simmering them in the mixture before adding the milk.

Similar Recipe Dishes:
1. Creamy Potato Soup: Just like Brown Flour Soup, this dish offers a creamy and comforting texture. It is made by simmering potatoes in a broth, then adding cream and toppings like bacon or cheese for extra flavor.
2. Bisque: A rich and creamy soup typically made with seafood, such as lobster or shrimp. It shares a similar velvety texture with Brown Flour Soup and is often enjoyed as a starter or a main course.
3. Clam Chowder: A thick and hearty soup made with clams, potatoes, cream, and other ingredients. Clam chowder is popular in coastal areas and is known for its comforting taste and satisfying texture.

Remember, the beauty of cooking lies in experimenting and adding your own personal touch to each recipe. Feel free to adapt this Brown Flour Soup, No. 2 recipe to suit your taste preferences or dietary requirements. Enjoy!



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