Cherry Pudding Recipe

From MRS. ALICE J. WHALEN, of Utah, Lady Manager.
One pint and a half of grated bread crumbs (soft, not dried), one pint
of chopped suet, one pint of currants, one pint and a half of stoned
raisins, half a cup of citron shaved thin, one scant cup of sugar,
half a teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of grated nutmeg, one
teaspoonful of mace, five eggs, yolks and whites beaten separately,
two even teaspoonfuls of flour made into a thin batter with milk, and
half a glass of brandy; mix in the order given and steam four hours.
_Sauce for Pudding_--Cream one-fourth pound butter, add one-
fourth pound of brown sugar and stir over hot water until liquid, then
add the yolks of two eggs, well beaten; stir until it thickens. Just
before serving add a cup of brandy and hot water equal parts.



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