Roast Beef Recipe

From MRS. GOVERNOR OGLESBY, of Illinois, Lady Manager.
Filets of beef may be supplied by the butcher already trimmed and
larded, but a more economical way is to buy the large piece which
contains the tenderloin. Have the butcher cut the tenderloin out and
the rest of the meat into slices one-half or one inch thick; these
pieces may be used to advantage in beef olives, stews or pies, the
bones in the piece of meat to be broken up for the soup pot. The filet
is then to be prepared by the cook in this manner: Remove all skin and
fat; fold the thin end under and skewer in place; the upper side must
present a smooth surface for larding; with a larding needle lard the
filet of beef in regular and even rows, with strips of firm, fat
pickled pork one-quarter of an inch square and about two and one-
quarter inches long. The lardoon should be about one-third of an inch
under the surface and come out about three-quarters of an inch from
where it went in, one-half inch projecting on each side. Place the
filet in a small baking pan, with minced salt pork and suet on the
bottom of the pan, and six spoonfuls of stock to baste the filet.
One-half to three-quarters of an hour will roast it, depending on
heat of oven and whether it is preferred underdone or well done.
Serve with mushroom sauce or à la jardiniêre.
_Mushroom Sauce_--Melt one tablespoon butter; stir in a
tablespoon of flour, and when it is well browned, add, after heating,
six tablespoons of stock with half the juice from the can of mushrooms
and one-half teaspoonful of lemon juice, seasoned with pepper and
salt; add the button mushrooms and let all simmer about ten minutes.
Pour over the filet of beef and serve.
_À la Jardiniêre_--Potatoes, turnips, beets, and carrots, cut in
round balls, tiny onions, cauliflower blossoms, French beans or peas,
are boiled separately in salted water, seasoned with salt, butter and
cream, drained and then piled in little groups around the filet of
beef, each pile being one kind of vegetable.
_Beef Olives_--Slices of beef one-half inch thick and about four
inches square, spread with a force meat of cold meat, bacon or ham,
with one cup of bread crumbs, the yolks of three eggs, one pint of
gravy or stock, a tablespoon of catsup, salt and pepper to taste. Roll
up the slices of beef and fasten with tiny skewers; brush them over
with egg and crumb and brown slightly in the oven; then put in stew
pan and stew till tender. Serve in gravy in which they were cooked,
with fried or toasted croutons of bread.



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