Mock-turtle Soup Recipe

A large soup bone (two pounds); a chicken; a small slice of ham; a
soup bunch (or an onion, two sprigs of parsley, half a small carrot,
half a small parsnip, half a stick of celery); three cloves; pepper;
salt; a gallon of cold water; whites and shells of two eggs, and
caramel for coloring. Let the beef, chicken and ham boil slowly for
five hours, add the vegetables and cloves, to cook the last hour,
having fried the onion in a little hot fat and then in it stuck the
cloves. Strain the soup into an earthen bowl and let it remain over
night. Next day remove the cake of fat on top; take out the jelly,
avoid the settlings; and mix into it the beaten whites of the eggs
with the shells. Boil quickly for half a minute; then, removing the
kettle, skim off carefully all the scum and whites of the eggs from
the top, not stirring the soup itself. Pass through a jelly bag, when
it should be very dear. Reheat just before serving, and add then a
tablespoonful of caramel to give a rich color and flavor.
_Caramel_--Take a cup of sugar and a tablespoon of water. Put in
a porcelain kettle and stir constantly to prevent burning, until it
has a bright brown color. Then add a cup of water, pinch of salt; let
it boil a few moments longer, cool, strain, and put away in a close-
corked bottle--and it is always ready for coloring the soup.



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