Chow-chow Recipe

From MRS. ALICE B. CASTLEMAN, of Kentucky, Alternate Lady Manager.
Two dozen cucumbers, cut in chunks about an inch thick; two heads of
cabbage, chopped fine. Sprinkle with salt and let stand all night. One
dozen large green peppers, chopped up; five dozen small seed onions.
Soak the onions and peppers separately in salt water all night; next
morning squeeze all the salt water from them. Then place in a kettle a
layer of pickle and a layer of seasoning composed of two ounces of
white mustard seed; two ounces celery seed; one ounce turmeric; one-
half pound box of Coleman's mustard, mixed smooth with vinegar, adding
two and one-half pounds brown sugar. After putting all in the kettle,
cover with vinegar and boil thirty minutes, This recipe makes two
gallons of pickles, and one and one half gallons of vinegar covers it.
Use best cider vinegar.



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