One duckling of about five pounds, one calf's foot, eight to ten small
onions, as many young carrots, one bunch of parsley. Cook the foot
slowly in one quart of water, one teaspoon of salt and a small bay leaf.
Put aside when the liquor has been reduced to one-half. In the meanwhile
fry the duck and when well browned wipe off the grease, put in another
pan, add the calf's foot with its broth, one glass of dry white wine, a
tablespoon of brandy, the carrots, parsley and the onions--the latter
slightly browned in drippings--pepper and salt to taste and cook slowly
under a covered lid for one hour. Cool off for about an hour, take off
the grease, bone and skin the duckling and cut the meat into small
pieces; arrange nicely with the vegetables in individual earthenware
dishes, cover with the stock and put on the ice to harden.