Singe by holding the fowl over a flame from gas, alcohol or burning
paper. Pick off pin feathers. Cut off the nails, then cut off the head,
turn back the skin and cut the neck off quite close; take out windpipe
and crop, cutting off close to the body. Cut through the skin around the
leg one inch below the leg joint; take out the tendons and break the leg
at the joint; in old birds each tendon must be removed separately by
using a skewer.
Make an incision
just below the breast bone large enough to insert your
hand, take out the fat and loosen the entrails with your forefinger.
When everything is removed, cut off the wings close to the body, also
the neck, feet and head. Separate the gall from the liver. In doing this
be very careful not to break the gall, which has a very thin skin.
Scrape all the fat off carefully that adheres to the entrails and lay it
in a separate dish of water overnight. Cut open the gizzard, clean and
pull off the skin, or inner lining.
Make Kosher as directed in "Rules for Kashering".
If you make use of the head, which you may in soup, cut off the top of
the bill, split open the head, lengthwise, take out the brains, eyes and
Clean the gizzard and feet by laying them in scalding water for a few
moments, this will loosen the skin, which can then be easily removed.
Remove the oil bag from the upper side of tail.
After making Kosher and cleaning poultry, season all fowls for several
hours before cooking. Salt, pepper, and ginger are the proper seasoning.
Some like a tiny bit of garlic rubbed inside and outside, especially for
goose or duck.
Dress and clean goose, duck, squab, and turkey as directed for chicken.