To Dress And Clean Poultry Recipe

Recipe for To Dress and Clean Poultry:

History and Fun Facts:
Dressing and cleaning poultry is an essential step in preparing poultry for cooking. This recipe has been passed down for generations, ensuring that poultry is properly prepared for cooking. The process of dressing and cleaning ensures that the poultry is free from feathers, excess fat, and any unwanted parts, making it safe and delicious for consumption.

Did you know that the process of singeing poultry over a flame helps to remove any remaining feathers? It also helps to seal the skin, giving the poultry a crispy texture when cooked. Additionally, taking the time to properly clean the poultry helps to remove any impurities and ensure a flavorful end result.

Now, let's begin with the step-by-step process of dressing and cleaning poultry:

- Poultry of your choice (chicken, goose, duck, squab, turkey)
- Salt
- Pepper
- Ginger
- Optional: Garlic


1. Singe the poultry by holding it over a flame from gas, alcohol, or burning paper. This step helps to remove any remaining feathers.
2. Pick off any remaining pin feathers from the poultry.
3. Cut off the nails and then the head of the poultry.
4. Turn back the skin and cut the neck off quite close to the body.
5. Take out the windpipe and crop, cutting them off close to the body.
6. Cut through the skin around the leg one inch below the leg joint.
7. Take out the tendons and break the leg at the joint. Note: For old birds, each tendon must be removed separately using a skewer.
8. Make an incision just below the breastbone, large enough to insert your hand.
9. Take out the fat and loosen the entrails with your forefinger. Remove everything from the cavity.
10. Cut off the wings close to the body, as well as the neck, feet, and head.
11. Separate the gall from the liver, being careful not to break the gall, which has a thin skin.
12. Scrape off any fat that adheres to the entrails and place it in a separate dish of water overnight.
13. Cut open the gizzard, clean it, and remove the inner lining or skin.
14. Make the poultry kosher as directed in "Rules for Kashering," if desired.
15. Optional step: If you plan to use the head, such as in soup, cut off the top of the bill. Split open the head lengthwise and remove the brains, eyes, and tongue.
16. Clean the gizzard and feet by placing them in scalding water for a few moments. This will help loosen the skin, which can then be easily removed.
17. Remove the oil bag from the upper side of the tail.
18. After making kosher (if desired) and cleaning the poultry, season it with salt, pepper, ginger, and optional garlic. Allow the seasonings to marinate for several hours before cooking.

Now your poultry is dressed and cleaned, ready to be cooked according to your preferred recipe. Enjoy your delicious poultry dish!

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2. Stuffed Turkey: During the Thanksgiving holiday, turkey is often stuffed with a flavorful filling before being roasted. The dressing and cleaning process for a turkey is similar to that of chicken.

3. Crispy Duck: Duck is a popular poultry choice for its rich and flavorful meat. Before cooking, ducks need to be dressed and cleaned, following the steps mentioned above, to remove any excess fat and impurities.

4. Roasted Goose: Goose is known for its tender and succulent meat. Preparing a goose involves dressing and cleaning it to remove any unwanted parts and ensure a delicious end result.

5. Cornish Game Hens: These small poultry birds are a great option for individual servings. They are dressed and cleaned in a similar way to larger poultry, making them a delightful and elegant dish.

Remember, proper dressing and cleaning of poultry is important for food safety and flavor. Enjoy preparing and cooking your poultry dishes using this recipe, and explore various flavors and seasonings to suit your taste preferences.



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