Two tender chickens cut in half, split down the back; place the pieces
in a colander to drain well, after having been well salted; season with
pepper; grease well the bottom of a baking-pan; add one stalk finely
chopped celery, onion; lay the chicken on breast, side up; sprinkle
lightly with flour, fat; two cups of hot water. Have the oven very hot
when putting chickens in. As soon as browned evenly, cover with a pan,
fitting closely. Reduce the heat of the oven; allow to cook slowly an
hour or so longer, until tender. Place on a hot platter; set in oven
until sauce is made, as follows: put the pan on top of stove in which
chickens were smothered; add level tablespoon of flour, thinned in cold
water; add minced parsley; let this all cook two or three minutes, then
add large cup of strong stock, to the chickens. Broil one can mushrooms,
and pour these over chicken when ready to serve.