How To Make Cream Soups Recipe

Cream soups are all made by blending two tablespoons of butter with two
tablespoons of flour and then adding slowly one cup of cold milk or half
cream and milk. One cup for a thin soup or purée, to one quart of
liquid. More according to the thickness of soup desired. Any cooked
vegetable or fish may be added to the cream sauce. Less milk is used
when the water in which the vegetables are cooked is added.
Purées are made from vegetables or fish, forced through a strainer and
retained in soup, milk and seasonings. Generally thicker than cream
Use a double boiler in making cream sauces and the cream sauce
foundation for soups.
To warm over a thick soup it is best to put it in a double boiler. It
must not be covered. If one does not have a double boiler set soup
boiler in a pan of hot water over fire.
Cream soups and purées are so nutritious that with bread and butter,
they furnish a satisfactory meal.



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