2 Rabbits--1s.

1/2 lb. Pickled Pork--3d.

1 Onion

1 fagot of Herbs--1/2d.

1 pint Gravy

1/2 oz. Flour

1 tablespoonful Red Currant Jelly--1d.

Total Cost--1s. 41/2 d.

Time--Two Hours

Wash and joint up the rabbits and cut the pork into slices; lay some of
the pork over the bottom of a baking jar, and on this some
joints of rabbit; continue in layers until all the meat is in, then put
in the onion, sliced up, the fagot of herbs, and a few peppercorns.
Cover down closely, stand in a moderate oven, and cook for two hours.
Take up the meat and arrange nicely on a hot dish, strain the gravy
into a saucepan, thicken with the flour, and when it boils stir in the
jelly. Flavour to taste, pour it over the rabbits, and serve.