Two pounds of soup fat rendered a day or two before using, three pints
of flour, one teaspoon of salt, two-thirds cup of granulated sugar, one
teaspoon of baking-powder, two teaspoons of vanilla, flour. Knead well,
add enough beer to be able to roll. Let it stand two hours.
Roll, cut in long strips three inches wide. Fill with the following: One
and one-half cups of brown sugar, two tablespoons of honey, two pounds
of walnuts chopped fine, one pound of stewed
runes chopped fine, two
cups of sponge cake crumbs, juice of one lemon, spices to taste, few
raisins and currants, and a little citron chopped fine; add a little
wine, a little chicken schmalz; heat a few minutes. You may use up
remnants of jellies, jams, marmalades, etc. Put plenty of filling in
centre of strips, fold over, with a round stick (use a wooden spoon),
press the dough firmly three inches apart, then with a knife cut them
apart. They will be the shape of the fig bars you buy. Grease the pan
and the top of cakes, and bake in moderate oven. They will keep--the
longer the better.