From MRS. JOSEPH C. STRAUGHAN, of Idaho, Lady Manager.
Two lobsters, each weighing about two and a half lbs.; one pint of
cream; two tablespoonfuls of butter; two of flour; one of mustard; a
speck of cayenne; salt; pepper; a scant pint of bread crumbs. Open the
lobster and with a sharp knife cut the meat rather fine. Be careful in
opening not to break the body or tail shells. Wash these shells and
wipe dry. Join them in the form of a boat, that they may hold the
prepared meat. Put the cream on to boil. Mix the butter, flour,
mustard, and pepper together and add three spoonfuls of the boiling
cream. Stir all into the remaining cream and cook two minutes. Add the
lobster, salt and pepper, and boil one minute. Fill the shells with
the mixture and place in pan. Cover with the bread crumbs and brown
for twenty minutes in a hot oven. Serve on a long narrow dish, the
body in the centre, the tails at either end. Garnish with parsley.