Perniciotti Alla Gastalda Partridges

Ingredients: Partridges, cauliflower, bacon, sausage, fowls' livers,

carrots, onions herbs, stock, gravy, butter, Madeira.

Cut a cauliflower into quarters, blanch for a few minutes, drain, and

put it into a saucepan with some bits of bacon. Let it drain on paper

till dry, then arrange the bits in a circle in a deep stewpan, and in

the centre put a small bit of sausage, the livers of the partridges,

a fowl
s liver cut up, a carrot, an onion, and a bunch of herbs. Cover

about three-quarters high with good stock and gravy, put butter on the

top and boil gently for an hour; then take out the sausage, replace it

by two or three partridges, and simmer for three-quarters of an hour. In

the meantime cut a sausage in thin slices and line a mould with it. When

the birds are cooked, take them out, drain and cut them up, and fill the

mould with alternate layers of partridge and cauliflower, and steam

for half an hour. Five minutes before serving turn the mould over on a

plate, but do not take it off, so as to let all the grease drain off.

Cut up the fowls' and partridges' livers, make them into scallops

and glaze them. Wipe off all the grease round the mould; take it off,

garnish the dish with the scallops of liver and serve hot with an

Espagnole sauce (No. 1) reduced, and add a glass of Madeira or Marsala,

and a glass of essence of game to it. This is an excellent way of

cooking an old partridge or pheasant.