1/2 lb. Fillet of Beef--9d.

1/2 lb. Cold Boiled Bacon--4d.

1 Egg--1d.

1 1/2 oz. Dripping

1/2 pint Gravy

Pepper and Mustard

2 oz. Crumbs--1d.

Total Cost--1s. 3d.

Time--10 Minutes

Trim away the fat from the fillet and cut it into very small thin
slices, and cut the bacon also into thin slices, but smaller. Spread
the side of the beef with mustard and pepper, cover with bacon, and
roll up as lightly as possible. When all are rolled beat up an egg, mix
it with a spoonful of water, brush over the rolls; cover them with
crumbs and thread on a small skewer. Put the dripping into a frying-pan,
and when quite hot lay in the rolls and fry until a good colour.
Place on a hot dish and slip out the skewers. Make the gravy hot,
season and flavour, and pour boiling round the roulades. Should there
be any brown sauce in the larder it is nicer than gravy.