Sogliole Alla Veneziana Sole

Ingredients: Sole, anchovies, butter, bacon, onion, stock, Chablis,

salt, nutmeg, parsley, Spanish olives, one bay leaf.

Fillet a sole and interlard each piece with a bit of anchovy. Tie up the

fillets and put them in a saute-pan with two ounces of butter, a slice

of bacon or ham, and a few small slices of onion. Cover half over with

good stock and a glass of Chablis, and add salt, a pinch of nutmeg, a

bunch of parsley, and a bay leaf. Cover with buttered paper, and cook on

a slow fire for about an hour. Drain the fish, pass the liquor through

a sieve, reduce it to the consistency of a thick sauce, and pour it over

the fish. Garnish each fillet with a Spanish olive stuffed with anchovy.