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(Beverages.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

In my little book on "FIFTEEN CENT DINNERS," I decidedly advocate the

substitution of milk or milk and water as a drink at meal times, for tea

and coffee, on the score of economy; because milk is a food, while the

two former drinks are chiefly stimulants. They are pleasant because they

warm and exhilarate, but they are luxuries because they give no

strength; therefore their use is extravagant when we are pinched for

healthy food. It is true that when we drink them we do not feel as

hungry as we do without them. The sensation of hunger is nature's sure

sign that the body needs a new supply of food because the last has been

exhausted; the change of the nourishing qualities of food into strength

is always going on as long as any remains in the system; the use of tea,

coffee, and alcohol, hinders this change, and consequently we are less

hungry when we use them than when we do without them. Tea and coffee are

certainly important aids to the cheerfulness and comfort of home; and

when the first stage of economy, where every penny must be counted, has

passed, we do not know of any pleasanter accessory to a meal than a cup

of good tea or coffee.

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