Broiled Fish Recipe

For broiling, large fish should be split down the back and head and tail
removed; salmon and halibut should be cut into one-inch slices, and
smelts and other small fish left whole. Wipe the fish as dry as
possible; sprinkle with salt and pepper and if the fish is dry and white
brush the flesh side well with olive oil or butter. Put in a
well-greased broiler, placing the thickest parts of the fish toward the
middle or back of the broiler. Hold over a hot fire until the flesh side
is nicely browned; then cook the skin side just long enough to make the
skin crisp. Small fish require from ten to fifteen minutes, large fish
from fifteen to twenty-five. To remove from the broiler loosen one side
first, then the other, and lift carefully with a cake turner. Place on a
platter; spread with butter and stand in the oven for a few minutes.
Garnish with lemon and serve with Maître d'Hôtel butter.



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