Fish Piquant Recipe

Fish Piquant is a delicious and tangy dish that combines the flavors of vinegar, onions, celery root, and parsley with tender, flaky fish. This recipe has a long history, dating back to traditional European cooking methods. It is believed to have originated in France and later gained popularity in various parts of the world. The name "piquant" comes from the French word meaning "sharp" or "spicy," which perfectly describes the bold and zesty flavors of this dish.

One interesting fact about Fish Piquant is that it can be made with any large fish, but salmon is particularly recommended for its rich flavor and firm texture. This recipe highlights the natural flavors of the fish by cooking it in salt water, infusing it with a delicate balance of flavors.

To begin preparing the Fish Piquant, start by cooking the fish in salt water. Place the fish in a large kettle and add one cup of vinegar, along with onions, celery root, and parsley. This combination of ingredients will enhance the taste of the fish and provide a delicious base for the sauce.

Once the fish is cooked to perfection, remove it from the kettle, but let it remain in the flavorful sauce. Now it's time to prepare the piquant sauce that will elevate the dish to a whole new level of deliciousness.

In a double boiler, combine the yolks of two eggs, half a teaspoon of Colman's mustard (dry), salt, pepper, a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of vinegar, half a glass of water, and some fish gravy. Allow these ingredients to simmer in the double boiler until the sauce becomes thick and velvety.

While the sauce is cooking, chop up some parsley, green onions, capers, shallots, and one large vinegar pickle. Then, finely chop some astragon separately. Once these ingredients are prepared, mix them together and add the hard-boiled egg whites, which should be chopped separately. Now, it's time to add the sauce to this mixture. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, ensuring that the sauce is evenly distributed.

At this stage, it is important to taste the Fish Piquant to ensure it is seasoned to your liking. Adjust the salt, pepper, or any other seasonings according to your preference. The piquant sauce should have a strong, tangy flavor that complements the delicate taste of the fish.

Serve the Fish Piquant by pouring the piquant sauce over the cooked fish. The sauce will coat the fish, infusing it with its sharp and spicy flavors. This dish pairs well with a side of steamed vegetables or crusty bread to soak up every last drop of the sauce.

Fish Piquant is similar to several other seafood dishes, such as Shrimp Creole and Cioppino. These dishes also incorporate tangy sauces with flavorful ingredients to enhance the taste of the seafood. Additionally, Fish Piquant can be compared to Fish Piccata, a popular Italian dish. Both dishes feature tangy sauces that perfectly complement the fish.

Whether you choose to prepare Fish Piquant with salmon or another large fish, this dish is sure to impress your family and friends with its bold flavors and elegant presentation. The rich history and wide popularity of this recipe demonstrate its timeless appeal and the versatility of fish as a main ingredient. So, don your apron and get ready to create a memorable dining experience with Fish Piquant!



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