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(Poultry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut the thick fat of a fat goose in pieces as big as the palm of your
hand, roll together and run a toothpick through each one to fasten. Put
a large preserve kettle on top of hot stove, lay in the cracklings,
sprinkle a tiny bit of salt over them and pour in a cup or two of cold
water; cover closely and let cook not too fast, until water is cooked
out. Then add the soft or "linda" fat, keep top off and let all brown
nicely. About one to two hours is required to cook them. If you do not
wish the scraps of "Greben" brittle, take them out of the fat before
they are browned. Place strainer over your fat crock, to catch the clear
fat and let greben drain. If greben are too greasy place in baking-pan
in oven a few minutes to try out a little more. Serve at lunch with rye

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