Graham Pudding Recipe

From MRS. ROLLIN A. EDGERTON, of Arkansas, Secretary of State Board
and Lady Manager.
_ The Christmas pudding which I add was served up this Christmas on
my table and pronounced delicious. Dyspeptics need not fear this "Plum
Pudding" and it is rich enough to please the most fastidious.
Wishing your philanthropic efforts every success, I am, Very truly
Beat two eggs; take one-half cup of sweet milk; one-half cup of
molasses, in which dissolve one-half teaspoon of soda; a lump of
butter the size of an egg; one cup of Graham flour (don't sift) two
cups of flour, in which a cup of stoned raisins are well rubbed; one
small teaspoon of salt; spice with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, one
teaspoonful all together. Then steam two hours and serve with a hard
sauce of butter and fine sugar creamed together, with one well beaten
egg and grated nutmeg as a finish. Wholesome, delicious, and extremely
simple to prepare.



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