Scale the fish with the utmost thoroughness, remove the entrails, wash
very thoroughly, and salt both inside and out. Then cut the fish into
convenient slices, place them on a strainer and leave them there for an
Meanwhile, place some flour in one plate and some beaten eggs in
another, and heat a large frying-pan half full of oil or butter. Now
wipe your fish slices thoroughly with a clean cloth, dip them first in
flour and then in beaten eggs and finally fry until browned.
In frying fish very hot oil is required. If a crumb of bread will brown
in twenty seconds the oil is hot enough. Put fish in a frying basket,
then into the hot oil and cook five minutes. Drain on brown paper and
arrange on platter. Do not stick knife or fork into fish while it is
When the oil has cooled, strain it, pour it into a jar, cover it and it
will be ready for use another time. It can be used again for fish only.