Smoked Goose Recipe

Smoked Goose Recipe

Smoking meat has been a preservation technique used for centuries. In ancient times, people discovered that smoking meat not only kept it from spoiling but also enhanced its flavor. The recipe for smoked goose has been passed down through generations, originating from traditional methods of preparing geese in various cultures.

Fun Facts:
- Geese have been domesticated for thousands of years, and their meat has been a favorite among many cultures.
- Smoking the goose not only adds a unique smoky flavor but also increases its shelf life.
- The process of smoking the goose helps to enhance its natural richness and tenderness.
- Smoked goose is often considered a delicacy and is commonly served during festive occasions or special events.

- 1 geschundene goose (fat goose)
- 3 cloves of garlic
- 3/8 pound of salt
- 1 tablespoon of sugar
- 1 teaspoon of saltpetre
- Water (as needed)


1. Remove the skin from the goose and set aside the legs, neck, and skin of the neck.

2. Carefully scrape the meat from the bones, neck, back, etc., of the goose. Make sure to remove all tendons and tissues.

3. Chop the scraped meat very finely.

4. Fill the skin of the neck with the chopped meat and sew up both ends with coarse thread. This will create a sausage-like shape.

5. Rub the filled neck, legs, and breast of the goose generously with garlic. Sprinkle the salt, sugar, and saltpetre evenly over the rubbed areas.

6. Add enough water to form a brine. The water should cover the meat entirely.

7. Place the neck, legs, and breast of the goose into a stone jar and cover with a cloth. Place weights on top to keep the meat submerged in the brine.

8. Set aside the jar of meat in a cool place for seven days, turning it once in a while to ensure even marination.

9. After the seven days, remove the meat from the brine and pat it dry.

10. Cover the meat with gauze and take it to a butcher to be smoked. The smoking process will infuse the meat with a rich smoky flavor.

11. Once the smoking is complete, let the smoked goose cool completely before serving.

12. To serve, slice the smoked goose thin and serve it cold.

Note: The smoked goose can be served as a main course or used in various recipes calling for smoked meat.

Similar Recipe Dishes:
1. Smoked Turkey: Substitute the goose with a turkey and follow the same steps to create a delicious smoked turkey dish.
2. Smoked Duck: Replace the goose with a duck and follow the recipe to smoke a succulent and flavorful smoked duck.
3. Smoked Chicken: If you prefer chicken, you can adapt the recipe by using a whole chicken instead of a goose and enjoy the smoky flavors in a lighter meat option.

Remember, the key to a delicious smoked goose is patience and allowing the meat to marinate in the brine for the recommended time. Enjoy this traditional and flavorsome dish with your family and friends on special occasions or whenever you want to savor a tasty smoked meat delicacy.



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