Sweet-bread Croquettes Recipe

From MRS. T. J. BUTLER, of Arizona, Lady Manager.
Take a knuckle of veal; boil two hours in sufficient water to cover
it; when thoroughly cooked, remove the meat and thicken the gravy
with one tablespoonful of flour; add a little salt and one egg, well
beaten; pour over the meat and serve hot with slices of lemon.
From MRS. WHITING S. CLARK, of Iowa, Lady Manager.
Three pounds raw veal, chopped fine; two-thirds cup butter or its
equivalent of salt pork, chopped; three eggs, well beaten with
tablespoon milk; four Boston crackers, pounded fine; two even
teaspoons pepper; one teaspoon sage; one tablespoon salt. Mix well in
a loaf and bake two-hours. Baste often with butter and water.



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