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Rabbit Curry

(Sunday Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Choose a tender rabbit or hare, which will cost at the

market about twenty cents, and which if young will be plump, and have a

short neck, thick knees, and fore paws whose joints break easily; hang

it by the hind legs, and skin it, beginning at the tail, and ending at

the head, wipe it carefully with a damp cloth to remove the hairs; take

out the entrails, saving the brains, heart and liver, rinse out the

carcass with a cup of vinegar, (cost two cents,) which you must save,

and cut it in joints; lay the rabbit in a deep frying pan, with two

ounces of drippings, (cost two cents,) one cent's worth of onion sliced,

a teaspoonful of salt, ten whole cloves, and quarter of a level

teaspoonful of pepper; fry it gently for twenty minutes; then add one

cent's worth of parsley, the vinegar, half a level tablespoonful of

curry, and one tablespoonful of flour mixed with half a teacupful of

water, and simmer all gently for fifteen minutes, keeping the pan

closely covered. When the rabbit is first put upon the fire, put quarter

of a pound of rice, (cost four cents,) into two quarts of boiling water

with one tablespoonful of salt, and boil it until the ends of the grains

begin to crack open; turn it from the pot into a colander, drain it,

shake it back into the pot, and cover it to keep it hot until the rabbit

is done; then send it to the table with the rabbit, but on a dish by

itself. The RABBIT CURRY AND RICE will cost about twenty-eight cents.

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