From MRS. JAMES R. DEANE, of California, Lady Manager.
Three ounces pineapple, cut in discs; three ounces sifted flour; three
ounces sugar; two ounces butter; one-half pint of milk; yolks of three
eggs; whites of four eggs. Melt butter in a stew pan, add the flour
and milk and cook well; add the sugar and pineapple; add the yolks of
eggs, one by one, and stir well; then add the whites of eggs whipped
to a stiff froth; stir these in lightly; pour into a well-greased
soufflée tin; steam one hour over water that just simmers, not
boiling. Serve with this sauce: Reduce one glass pineapple syrup about
one-half; add one ounce cube sugar and one glass sherry; color with
cochineal and pour around the pudding.