This is a fashionable and delicate description of tart. A couple of
round cutters about the size of a pie plate are required for it, one
of the cutters must be about two inches smaller than the other, if
they are fluted the tourte will have a better appearance.
Roll out some very rich puff paste to the thickness of one inch, and
cut two pieces with the larger tin cutter, then press the smaller
cutter through one of these pieces, and remove the border which will
be formed round it; this must be laid very evenly upon the other piece
of paste, and slightly pressed to make it adhere; place the tourte in
an oven to bake for about twenty minutes, then let it become cool, but
not cold, and fill it with a fine custard or with any rich preserves;
if the latter, a well whipped cream may be laid lightly over; the
pastry may be glazed if approved.